One-Language: Sacred Text, Many Views

The Nitzotzot Program, in collaboration with The Institute for Advanced Torah Studies at Bar-Ilan University and the University of Leipzig, is excited to announce the 2nd Annual Summer School Program, to take place 29 Tammuz – 6 Av 5778 (12-18 July 2018) at Bar-Ilan University.

Last summer, we initiated an expanded collaboration in which 10 doctoral students and a number of Bar-Ilan faculty joined the Summer School in Wittenberg, Germany. Over the course of a week, we and a select group of German students from Leipzig University engaged with the text of the Bible, focusing specifically on selections from Genesis, in order to build a shared language for connecting with the sacred scripture.

This summer, we continue the journey by inviting students and faculty from Germany to learn in our shared holy land. We will endeavor to unearth deeper levels of engagement and intimate connection with the Biblical text, one shared by Jews and Christians alike. At the heart of our program are inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to the Bible, which reinforce it as a source for identity in a post-modern, and even post-secular, age. The summer school provides a platform for these approaches in the context of a Jewish-Christian encounter, with the greater ambition of developing a language accessible to believers and non-believers alike.

We are looking forward to an exciting and illuminating summer!

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